Alpha H Intensive Brightening Facial

February 3rd 2015

It was so great to see so many of you enjoying January's treatment of the month; the 'Aromatherapy Associates Immune Recovery Treatment' - I hope you're all feeling fresh and invigorated! This treatment is still available at your Amida Spa so don't worry if you didn't manage to book last month, you can still enjoy this fantastic treat at any time...

For February, we're focusing on our amazing facial from Alpha H - the 'Intensive Brightening Facial'. We love this facial because it truly leaves your skin feeling super smooth, really well hydrated and most importantly - fabulously radiant!

The key secret to the Alpha H facial is the glycolic acid in the products, for those that are not so familiar with this ingredient I'm going to give you a quick explanation so you know just how fantastic it is...

Glycolic acid is a natural fruit acid which is mostly found in sugarcane. It works by lowering the pH of your skin to a point which promotes skin renewal and therefore gives your skin a gorgeous, youthful looking glow.

Another great thing about this facial is that the therapist will tailor it to your skin type needs.. For those with typically sensitive skin and in need of a gentle brightening, a pineapple and papaya mask is used to deeply exfoliate and leave your skin brighter and beautifully plump. Alternatively, those with particularly de-hydrated skin or with visible signs of ageing would benefit from having a heavier gel mask, which contains a higher concentration of glycolic acid and leaves your skin feeling tremendously soft and looking many a year younger!

The Alpha H Intensive Brightening Facial is perfect for this time of year when you want to be looking your best for that special someone on valentines day or if your skin is just in need of a bit of help to protect itself against this cold weather.

Book now with your Amida Spa and give your skin the treat it deserves!